Jeevan Saral ATM Plan 165 by LIC

Buy Jeevan Saral table no. 165 which is one of the highest selling insurance plan from Lic of India.

Since the launch of the product in 2004 it has received an overwhelming response from our customer’s. Jeevan saral is designed to suit the working professionals who have various commitments like home loan, school fees, and other daily expenses. Jeevan saral is a kind of flexible endowment plan which accepts premium in easy monthly installments. Jeevan Saral 165 not only helps savings but also saves tax and gives long term security. In case of normal death one gets sum assured equivalent to 250 times the monthly premium and accidental death like a train accident or air plane gives sum assured equivalent to 500 times the monthly premium.

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In simple term if a person is paying Rs. 4048/- per month for a 35 years term and he dies of heart attack than the nominee gets Rs.10,00,000 + Loyalty addition + premium paid – admin charges (Rs.4000 X 250). In case person dies of railway accident than nominee will get minimum Rs.20,00,000 + Loyalty addition + premium paid – admin charges (Rs.4000 X 500).  This plan is popularly called Any Time Money – ATM Plan 165. It has a unique feature whereby one can withdraw part money from the policy after the 10th year of the policy completion. This feature helps individuals to use the their own fund in case of emergency rather than burrowing from other financial institutions or banks at a high rate.

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Benefits of Plan 165

  • In case of natural death 250 times the monthly premium is payable immediately after deducting any/all charges.
  • In case of accidental death 500 times the monthly premium is payable immediately after deducting any/all charges.
  • In case of maturity, sum assured + Loyalty addition if any is payable
  • In case you require additional risk cover than extra premium can be paid for extra risk cover
  • Policy can be surrendered on basis of number of years policy has completed.
  • You can take the plan for a maximum period of 35 years
  • In case of urgent requirement you can terminate the plan after completing 10 years without losing Loyalty addition
  • You can pay by monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly mode of payment
  • You can avail personal loan @ 9.5% P.A unlike others who charge 14.5 % P.A
  • All premium paid will save tax as per Sec 80 C
  • All maturity proceeds will be tax free

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