Health Plans

Health Insurance is not a requirement to fulfill tax obligation but a necessity to cover unforeseen medical crisis. Due to rising inflation all kinds of medical bills have gone up by three fold. If an Individual is not adequately insured than his personal finance calculation and savings can go for a toss. If there is no proper planning in  terms of personal health insurance than he has to compromise on paying high medical bills or poor health care center.  People often don’t buy life insurance or health insurance until they fall into some trouble. Once they are into some complications they would over buy insurance which is not required. So buying insurance policy is planned long term decision.

Nowadays professionals working in small and big companies are often covered with health insurance. Their policies are inforce till they are skillfully employed. Once they leave the organization they are again without any personal cover. So it’s very important to start health insurance at a very young age so that you can reap the benefit of low premium and full coverage without any exclusion.

Popular LIC Health Insurance Plans

  • Jeevan Arogya
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Other Health Plans by LIC

Good for long term
  • Health Protection Plus
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