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Health Insurance is one of the most important Insurance required by all individuals irrespective of their age.  Unpredicted illness or accidents result in very expensive hospitalization which in turn takes a toll on your hard earned savings. We guarantee that your health & wealth stays fit only when you have adequate health insurance cover from a decent company.

We have a exclusive health insurance plans which will protect you against rising medical costs and would provide a flexibility to increase your coverage.

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Our product gives protection for the Individual as well as the entire family under one single health insurance policy. Our Policy covers hospitalization bills incurred by the Insured Person for treatment of various illness or accidental injury with many other benefits at a very competitive premium. Our unique Health Insurance plans will cover most of the disease after 6 months from purchase date. While most of other companies provide full coverage only after 2 years.

Advantages of our Health Insurance Policy:-

  1. India’s only mediclaim plan which covers Pre-Existing disease from 6 months whereas other companies covers after 4 years.
  2. Cataract, Prostate, Hernia(4.3) etc, covered from 6th month whereas other covers after 2 years
  3. Major surgeries covered after 2 years whereas 4 years in others case
  4. Cover available upto 80 years whereas others it is compulsory after 56 years.
  5. No need to pay Hospital Bills use Cashless cards
  6. Insured by Government Insurance Company
  7. One cover for 1 family on floater basis
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