About LIC Global

Lic Global is a proprietary firm based in Mumbai, India providing Insurance and Investment related services to clients worldwide.

All LIC products are our primary products. We help our clients to invest in very lucrative investment options which are 100% safe, guaranteed and totally risk free.

We provide case to case life insurance and investment solutions based on our 10 years of experience, extensive research and in depth analysis of various products. Our solutions are based on various factors like current age, current need, future needs, education, retirement & budget.


Our main aim is to educate people as to why Life Insurance is so important? & Why Life Insurance is a must from young age?


Our Vision is to cover at least 10,00,000 families with basic life insurance who are totally unaware about the benefits of having a life insurance policy. These families are capable of investing a bare minimum amount of Rs.500 per month towards life insurance but cannot do so due to lack of time & knowledge.

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